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Organizing Presorts can be a tough old grind. Booking your cattle early helps us immensely. If you have 5 head or 105 head, PLEASE BOOK 3 to 5 days in advance and by doing this we can plan ahead. It is easier to cancel you off the list, than it is to work longer into the wee hours of the morning. Knowing the numbers ahead at a sale helps us with planning a start time that is needed to get the cattle sorted.

This happens sometimes: on Monday the week of the Presort we have 800 head booked in so I say "Hey Mallory, start phoning workers, we’ll start Wednesday - no problem to do 800 head in one day." By Tuesday evening OH! OH! The phone has been ringing off the hook, we now have 1200 head. By noon Wednesday the telephone is still ringing and we now have 1600 head. Oh my, that's a lot of cattle to presort in one day, plus the lineups to unload, plus the wait time to get your cattle sorted is long. You the producer is upset with us for having to wait and my workers are mad at me for having to work a 20 hour day. THIS CAN ALL BE AVOIDED BY CALLING US AND BOOKING EARLY. Even if you are just thinking about selling, call us, we will pencil you in, this gives us a better idea of our numbers so we can plan better.

KELVINGTON STOCKYARDS would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their continued support and business. The new season is upon us and we hope to see all of you there!!

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At Kelvington Stockyards we have a very good nucleus of workers. If you are interested in working with cattle, enjoy the great outdoors, and are looking for work give us a call at 306-327-4642.

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Due to extenuating circumstances, there may be additions or deletions to this calendar. We encourage you to contact us at the office (306-327-4642) for confirmation on upcoming sales. Booking your cattle early will prevent some of the scheduling problems that may occur.

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